code symbol name
u+1f600(128512) 😀 grinning face
u+1f601(128513) 😁 grinning face with smiling eyes
u+1f602(128514) 😂 face with tears of joy
u+1f603(128515) 😃 smiling face with open mouth
u+1f604(128516) 😄 smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
u+1f605(128517) 😅 smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat
u+1f606(128518) 😆 smiling face with open mouth and tightly-closed eyes
u+1f607(128519) 😇 smiling face with halo
u+1f608(128520) 😈 smiling face with horns
u+1f609(128521) 😉 winking face
u+1f60a(128522) 😊 smiling face with smiling eyes
u+1f60b(128523) 😋 face savouring delicious food
u+1f60c(128524) 😌 relieved face
u+1f60d(128525) 😍 smiling face with heart-shaped eyes
u+1f60e(128526) 😎 smiling face with sunglasses
u+1f60f(128527) 😏 smirking face
u+1f610(128528) 😐 neutral face
u+1f611(128529) 😑 expressionless face
u+1f612(128530) 😒 unamused face
u+1f613(128531) 😓 face with cold sweat
u+1f614(128532) 😔 pensive face
u+1f615(128533) 😕 confused face
u+1f616(128534) 😖 confounded face
u+1f617(128535) 😗 kissing face
u+1f618(128536) 😘 face throwing a kiss
u+1f619(128537) 😙 kissing face with smiling eyes
u+1f61a(128538) 😚 kissing face with closed eyes
u+1f61b(128539) 😛 face with stuck-out tongue
u+1f61c(128540) 😜 face with stuck-out tongue and winking eye
u+1f61d(128541) 😝 face with stuck-out tongue and tightly-closed eyes
u+1f61e(128542) 😞 disappointed face
u+1f61f(128543) 😟 worried face
u+1f620(128544) 😠 angry face
u+1f621(128545) 😡 pouting face
u+1f622(128546) 😢 crying face
u+1f623(128547) 😣 persevering face
u+1f624(128548) 😤 face with steam from nose
u+1f625(128549) 😥 disappointed but relieved face
u+1f626(128550) 😦 frowning face with open mouth
u+1f627(128551) 😧 anguished face
u+1f628(128552) 😨 fearful face
u+1f629(128553) 😩 weary face
u+1f62a(128554) 😪 sleepy face
u+1f62b(128555) 😫 tired face
u+1f62c(128556) 😬 grimacing face
u+1f62d(128557) 😭 loudlycrying face
u+1f62e(128558) 😮 face with open mouth
u+1f62f(128559) 😯 hushed face
u+1f630(128560) 😰 face with open mouth and cold sweat
u+1f631(128561) 😱 face screaming in fear
u+1f632(128562) 😲 astonished face
u+1f633(128563) 😳 flushed face
u+1f634(128564) 😴 sleeping face
u+1f635(128565) 😵 dizzy face
u+1f636(128566) 😶 face without mouth
u+1f637(128567) 😷 face with medical mask
u+1f638(128568) 😸 grinning cat face with smiling eyes
u+1f639(128569) 😹 cat face with tears of joy
u+1f63a(128570) 😺 smiling cat face with open mouth
u+1f63b(128571) 😻 smiling cat face with heart-shaped eyes
u+1f63c(128572) 😼 cat face with wry smile
u+1f63d(128573) 😽 kissing cat face with closed eyes
u+1f63e(128574) 😾 pouting cat face
u+1f63f(128575) 😿 crying cat face
u+1f640(128576) 🙀 weary cat face
u+1f641(128577) 🙁 slightly frowning face
u+1f642(128578) 🙂 slightly smiling face
u+1f643(128579) 🙃 upside-down face
u+1f644(128580) 🙄 face with rolling eyes
u+1f645(128581) 🙅 face with no good gesture
u+1f646(128582) 🙆 face with ok gesture
u+1f647(128583) 🙇 person bowing deeply
u+1f648(128584) 🙈 see-no-evil monkey
u+1f649(128585) 🙉 hear-no-evil monkey
u+1f64a(128586) 🙊 speak-no-evil monkey
u+1f64b(128587) 🙋 happy person raising one hand
u+1f64c(128588) 🙌 person raising both hands in celebration
u+1f64d(128589) 🙍 person frowning
u+1f64e(128590) 🙎 person with pouting face
u+1f64f(128591) 🙏 person with folded hands