tip-toed quickly

through cold dry night
under dim city lights
along quiet ghostly streets

to the metro x station
near the ex metro centre

so quickly that a wait
in parkade staircase
had to be had
behind glass

until the early bird bus
picked up a single worm
who was joined by
an airport worker

so that 3 men were speeding
on the truro-bound highway

to reach the port at last
where steelbirds never roost for long

sunscreen tetris

filled the zip-locked standard bag
with strongest uv blocker
in whitest lotion potion pots
that pharmacists had kindly given

to travelers delight

all liquids were accepted
and beeping belts rebuckled

to reach the gate on time
and board the steelbird

that never flaps its wings

and yet majestic
beyond the cloudy white
through sky
with roaring engines lines