Morabaraba / 12 Men’s Morris



Build “mills” to remove opponent’s pieces, or lock them in. The game ends when one player has only 2 pieces left or is locked in and cannot move anymore.

Closing a Mill

The closing of a mill may occur at any time throughout the following game phases:

Phase 1 - Placing pieces

Phase 2 - Moving pieces

Now on each turn move one of your pieces along a line to an adjacent empty point.


A player who has exactly 3 pieces left on the board can “fly”: On each turn, pick up up one of your pieces and put it on an empty position anywhere on the board.
If the other player still has more than 3 pieces on the board, he/she continues to move pieces as mentioned above.

Strategy tip

Move a piece from a closed mill to open it. On your next turn close it again and remove an opponent's piece. The opponent may interfere by moving a piece into the gap of the opened mill.