CPJH students and staff have planned a series of engaging events to celebrate and honor the rich African heritage that contributes to the diversity of our school.

CPJH will be holding a full-school assembly on Friday, February 2nd, featuring Maje, a talented Hip-hop and spoken word artist from the vibrant community of East Preston. Maje will share his insights, experiences, and artistic talents with our students, inspiring them to embrace the theme of resilience in the face of challenges.


Additionally, we are honored to have Zamani Folade join us for the assembly, where she will perform Lift Every Voice and Sing, The Black National Anthem, and O Canada. Zamani's powerful voice will undoubtedly add a special touch to our event, highlighting the unity and strength within our diverse community.

Zamani's channel

Later in the month, the Maritime Center for African Dance will conduct workshops that include storytelling, spoken word and dance for the entire school to participate in. This promises to be an interactive and educational experience, providing students with a deeper understanding of African culture and traditions. Staff have planned lessons and activities that are educational through their teachings.

Maritime Center for African Dance

We will also have trivia, facts and biographies of prominent African Canadians shared over the announcements daily, read and shared by our student body.